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Our company is a multi-sector translation specialist and has particular expertise in the following fields:

Financial Translation

With financial experts on staff, we are able to provide the best service to the banking, investment and insurance industries. Financial language and concepts may vary from country to country and financial translations may require specialised financial translators. Our financial translators understand that some countries have specific financial guidelines regarding formatting, numbering, and terms and our experts are trained to recognise these variances, and can assist you in applying the correct usage.

Legal Translation

Legal documents are one of our specialist areas. With years of hands-on experience in legal work, court proceedings, litigations and police work, to name a few, we are able to produce top quality legal translations.

medical Translations

With extensive experience in the translation of medical documents, we know exactly what is needed when undertaking a medical translation, namely attention to detail and correct use of the appropriate medical terminology. We maintain our rigorously high standards by only assigning medical translation work to translators who have undergone dedicated medical translation training or have extensive experience in this area.

Technical Translation

We assign each document to a person who is not only a degree qualified native speaker of the target languages, but also experienced in the specific field of the source text. Your technical document will be translated so as to retain all the precision and accuracy of the primary text.

Marketing Material

In a global marketplace of fierce competitors, you need every advantage as you launch or promote your service or product. This is especially important if you are launching or promoting in a foreign language. We have helped hundreds of blue-chip clients with their marketing translation needs. Whether you need to translate a brochure, print ads or more elaborate multimedia presentations, we have experienced professionals to deal with the full range of marketing translation services.

Education & Training Material

If you have educational or training documentation that needs delivery in another language, then CENTURY Translations is the company for you. Our translators are experienced in managing translation projects for prospectuses, curriculum information, research projects and training manuals.